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Industry Best Customer Service

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How does Pool Solar work?

Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the Fenix solar collector(s), where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In hot climates, the Fenix collector(s) can also be used to cool the pool during peak summer months by circulating the water through the Fenix collector(s) at night.

What size Fenix Pool Solar System do I need?

Sizing a Fenix Pool Solar System involves many factors:

• Pool size
• Length of swimming season
• Average regional temps.
• Desired pool temperature
• Site's solar resource
• Collector orientation and tilt
• Collector efficiency
• Blanket or Liquid Blanket?

Basically, the surface area of your solar collector should equal 80%–100% of the surface area of your pool. In cooler and cloudier areas, you may need to increase the ratio between the collector area and the pool surface area. Adding collector square footage also lengthens the swimming season.

How do the Fenix Pool Solar Panels mount to my roof?

The Fenix Pool Solar Panels use the patented “gator” mounting system that’s designed for tile roofs. The “gator” mounting system allows the Fenix Pool Solar Panels to mount to the surface of the tile - without touching the (FELT) paper that’s beneath the tile and works as your water barrier.

• Flat Foam Roofs =  (Trex/Board).

We glue the Trex/Board to the flat foam roof and then mount the “gator” mounts directly to the Trex - preventing roof penetrations.

• Asphalt - Shingle Roofs = UniStrut.

We mount UniStrut to the roof with roofing Sika polyurethane and then mount the “gator” mounts directly to the UniStrut.

Details of the Fenix Pool Solar Warranty?

Fenix Systems, LLC & UMA offers the Industry Best Warranty (7 Years) on UMA Fenix Pool Solar Panels + (2 Years) on Parts, Labor + Installation.

Do I need to service my Fenix Pool Solar System?

Yes - Fenix Recommends that you do an annual service to your Fenix Pool Solar System - Especially if you live in an outer area of the valley where it gets colder or freezes. *Fenix offers annual service deals.

Details of the Fenix Mist & Fog Warranty?

Fenix Systems, LLC offers the Industry Best Warranty (5 Years) on FogCo Pumps & (1 Year) on Arrow Pumps.
• (5 Years) on all Copper Lines.
• (1 Year) on all Nozzles.

How many Mist Nozzles will I need?

Fenix Mist Systems space the nozzles out 24”o.c. for patios that are 14ft. and lower - If your patio is 15ft. or higher we space the nozzles 18”o.c..

Do I need to service my Fenix Mist & Fog System?

Yes - Fenix Recommends that your service your Mist & Fog system annually. *Fenix offers annual service deals.

Meet Our Team

Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller

Owner / Operator

I started Fenix Systems to ensure that the Valley of the Sun - my hometown would have a Thermal Pool Solar & Mist&Fog Company that installs the best products on the market & provides the industry’s best customer service & warranty.

Family owned & operated

Nick Griffith

Consultant / Owner

ASU Sustainability Graduate
• UMA Certified
• AquaCal Certified
• FogCo Certified

Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Consultant/ Owner

Arizona Native & ASU Graduate that’s found a home in the swimming pool heating & automation industry.
• UMA Solar Certified
• AquaCal Certified
• FogCo Certified

Michael Aiona Chung

Michael Aiona Chung


aka “Maui Mike” 🌺
Solar Expert since 1980
Pool Heating Specialist since 1996
100 Club Member with since 1998
Sales Manager
Sales Director
Corporate Sales Trainer
Installed every System we sell.
Married to
Former Marketing Director
Nichole Forry

Mark Walters

Mark Walters

Sales Consultant

AZ State Certified Solar Technician

  • Solar Expert since 1979
  • Pool Heating Specialist
  • UMA 100 Club Member 2001
  • UMA 500 Club Member 2,006
  • UMA factory trained for solar pool designs
Carla Ackley

Carla Ackley

Lead Manager

25+ years marketing experience